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Adobe Creative Jam (2020) - Collaboration with The Ocean Agency to raise awareness about the dying coral reefs.


Design Challenge - How can we incentivize the millennial and GenZ demographics to sign a petition that can save the dying coral reefs? How can we use the Adobe sign technology to foster this process?



They are creating an impact with a simple gesture.


Excited and empowered.


Make reels and post stories using the custom filter.


In todays world, the millennial and Gen Z demographics form the active core of the population. Their vocal presence online and in public forums make their participation indispensable for social change. 


STEP 1: Approach

Upon getting the challenge brief, we conducted preliminary research and chose to leverage the target generations' online presence.

STEP 2: Research Insight

We realized that social media influencers form the pivotal community that direct public 

action. Thus our solution was to make a concept that can enable influencers to produce engaging content, while promoting the cause. 

STEP 3: Idea

The idea was to create a filter that dynamically makes coral reef animations on one's face and features a link to the Ocean Agency app. Influencers would use this filter to encourage a 'trend' that would eventually be picked up by the general pubic. 

STEP 4: Conceptualization

All the posts that used the filter will be tagged with #Oceanagency. A compilation of all such posts will be featured on the Ocean Agency website and app. This page of the Ocean Agency would use Adobe Signature app to allow support signatures for the petition.

STEP 5: Audience and Prototyping

We then created lo-fi, mid-fi and high-fi prototypes of this concept and conducted user testing. Being an environmentally and socially aware generation, our target audience quickly accepted the idea. The ease of the solution ensured that lots of people could quickly try it out. The users found the filter not only environmentally purposeful, but also 'cool and fun'. This validation led us towards the final prototypes.

Screen Shot 2022-01-13 at 11.40.43 PM.png

We can leverage the power and reach of social media to ensure maximum penetration of content. Today's generations are the most socially aware and environmentally concerned. Such filters will be naturally accepted by the masses.



It's simple! Take a picture. Use The Ocean Agency filter and tag them to get featured on their page. You can then go to their app and sign the petition using the Adobe inbuilt signature feature. Like this, we can leverage the power and reach of social media to quickly spread the word and gain the required signatures needed to pass the petition.

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